Friday, 9 August 2019

Unity 3d on build screen goes to black

Recently I updated one of my projects - to Unity 2019.1.6f1 and when I run it in unity editor everything was working as expected, however when I build it for desktop and run I got black screen. I could not find solution online even tough I tried all tricks and tips I found. For instance setting Clear Flags on on all camera to Don't clear, reducing texture resolution.
After playing around and scratching my head I realised that I made all cameras into prefabs in my previous version of unity, when I right clicked in project hierarchy window and selected Unpack Prefab Completely it magically started to work again as expected.
Hope that helps someone out there ans save a lot of time.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Modern Interior 3d design in Unity 3d

I always wanted to create 3d interior design but always had some other projects in the way. Finally found some spare time and released Modern Interior asset.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Different case styles in programming

Camel case 

"theQuickBrownFoxJumpsOverTheLazyDog" or "TheQuickBrownFoxJumpsOverTheLazyDog"
First letter of each word is capitalised. In languages such as C# it is almost imperative to use low case for the first word

Snake case 

Spaces are replaced by underscore. Words can be lower case, upper case or mixed.

Kebab case

Same as Snake case, however underscores are replaced with hyphens.

Studly caps

Complete chaos and pattern whatsoever - use it if you want to offend other programmers. 

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Blender - Quick tips to reduce poly count


 If mesh is made out of quads in edit mode, select the mesh, then ctrl+e and choose Un-Subdivide

Delete Edge Loops

Quite common tactic to reduce poly count in oval shapes objects.
In edit mode select edge loop by pressing alt+right click, then space and type Delete Edge Loop

Limited Dissolve

One of my favorite and quickest techniques. Quickly remove unnecessary vertices without breaking the mesh structure. Still might require some manual adjustment but dramatically reduce poly counts.
We reduced poly count from 49,216 to 436. You can also play with max angle value under limited dissolve menu. It works well on square objects with lots of edge loops.

Decimate modifier

Select object and add Decimate modifier

9750 polygons on the the top photo vs 436 after using decimate modifier.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Use of @Input in Angular 6+

According to official angular documentation it declares a data-bound input property.

Let's have a look at this simple example.


The following example creates a component with two input properties.

See the Pen
by Adam Bielecki (@adambielecki)
on CodePen.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Using Singleton in C#

Singleton is used in application when we want to store consistent unique data in an object disallowing creating a new instances of this object in the same time.

Here are the bullet points that defines Singleton.

  • cannot be instantiated (private constructor instead of public)
  • cannot be inherited (sealed class)
  • public static instance has to be available across the whole application
Singleton concept is quite popular in mobile apps and video games, less in web/desktop applications.

Here is a simple example of Singleton usage.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Understanding Predicate delegate with simple example in C#

Predicate is a delegate that always returns boolean value (True or False).

Predicate is used in conjunction with lambda expression.

Below example shows how can we simply replace static method with Predicate.

public class Program
 public static void Main()
  Predicate<int> isGreaterThan5Predicate = m => m > 5;
  Console.WriteLine("Using Predicate to determine condition - 4 is not greater than 5 hence: " + isGreaterThan5Predicate(4));
  Console.WriteLine("Using static method to determine condition - 6 is greater than 5 hence: " + isGreaterThan5(6));

 public static bool isGreaterThan5(int number)
  return number > 5? true: false;

Running above code will produce those messages in the console.

Using Predicate to determine condition - 4 is not greater than 5 hence: False
Using Predicate to determine condition - 6 is greater than 5 hence: True

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Capturing exceptions with Nunit in .NET

In this tutorial we are going to capture exception that service throw using nUnit test framework. It is quite important writing unit tests or integration tests to be able to specify scenario that will force method to threw an exception so we are prepared for that eventuality.

We are having fruit service that stores info regarding fruit availability in the fridge. 

public class FruitService
    public async Task CheckIfFruitIsInTheFridge(string fruit)
      // To keep it simple call Fridge method. In real environment we would call
      // some external api and we want to create new thread for that.

      var fruitInTheFridge = Fridge(fruit);

      if(fruitInTheFridge == null)
        throw new Exception("Could not find fruit in the fridge."); 

      return await fruitInTheFridge;

    private async Task<string> Fridge(string fruit)
      // Ok beer is not part of the fruit company, but beer must always be in the fridge :)

      List currentfruitsInTheFridge = new List<string> { "Apple", "Pearl", "Beer" };

      return currentfruitsInTheFridge.FirstOrDefault(m => m.Equals(fruit));

Now we are going to run tests.

  public class WhenCallingCheckIfFruitIsInTheFridge
    private FruitService _fruitService;

    public void SetUp()
      this._fruitService = new FruitService();

    public void ItThrowsAnExceptionWhenfruitIsNotFoundInTheFridge()
      var ex = Assert.ThrowsAsync<exception>(async () => await this._fruitService.CheckIfFruitIsInTheFridge("Grapes"));

      Assert.That(ex.Message, Is.EqualTo("Could not find fruit in the fridge."));

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Prefix and Postfix in .NET explained in 1 minute

Using prefix in comparison will change the value before expression evaluation, where using postfix will change value after expression evaluation. Look at below example.

public static void Main()
  // Prefix and Postfix example
  int x = 5;
  if(++x == 6)
   Console.WriteLine("Using prefix will increment value before expression is evaluated.");
  Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Value of x is {0}", x));
  if(x++ == 7)
   // we will never reach this code as expression is evaluated before increment, hence x is still equal to 6
   Console.WriteLine("I am here but you will never see me in console.");
  Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Value of x is {0}", x));

You can look into example in dotnetfiddle -

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Setting up environment for Angular 6

1. Check if you have npm installed by opening command and type npm -v. If you have not installed npm download it from -
2. Install @angular-cli. Type npm install -g @angular/cli. -g parameter means that package will be installed globally so you can access angular cli functionality from any location.
Visit - for more info. This will enable you to create new angular project with some basic data that follows good practices.
3.  Next create new angular project. Type ng new ng-project where ng-project is name of new project you want to create. Make sure that in command line you are in folder where you want this project to appear. You can also use optional parameters like --routing or --style=scss (will use scss by default instead of css)
4. Now you open source code by typing code  (make sure you type .) in command line if you have Visual Studio Code installed ( - highly recommended
5. To run app you just create type ng -serve -o to initiate localhost server and open app in a browser. If you see error message "The serve command requires to be run in an Angular project, but a project definition could not be found" make sure you are in your angular project main folder.