Massive update to Interior of International Space Station

Quick post in which I would like to share some progress on updating interior of International Space Station in Unity. - Current project in Unity asset store

Few years ago I found basic model and low resolution texture provided by Nasa. I imported that project into blender and added more details (cables, details on racks, lighting and many other tiny details).

I also managed to use power of AI to upscale images from 1024px resolution to 4096px. I lost count on how many hours it took to achieve the current look but I think it was worth it and I had a lot of fun making those tweaks.

I also added normal, roughness, height and ambient occlusion texture and use Autodesk shader build in Unity ( used bitmap2material app made by Allegorthmics - currently Adobe).

I also publish change details almost on daily basis on my reddit channel - an example -

Enough words, let's screenshots speak for themselves.