Solar System Unreal Presentation - Release to Unreal marketplace

Quick link - Unreal marketplace
Finished work on Solar System for Unreal engine.


Distance From Target (float) is connected with Target Actor and it is used to specify the radius
where the center is target actor, in this example it is a Sun. 
Starting Angle (float) variable is used to offset planet radius.
For instance if all planets would have a starting angle set up to 0 they would all start at the same position.
So to add variety this value can be modified for each planet individually. 
Orbit speed (float) is used to set up a velocity that the planet rotates around the target(Sun),
the higher the value the faster the planet will complete a full rotation cycle.
Clockwise (boolean), if selected planet would rotate in clockwise direction around target(Sun). 
Target Actor (actor) is an actor variable that the planet will rotate around
Orbit Draw (boolean)  if selected orbit preview line will be displayed during play mode
Own Rotation Speed (float) is used to set up speed of planet rotation around it’s own axis

Advanced materials

Each advanced material relies on a source of light vector 3 values (by default 0,0,0)
so if the Sun is located in this location you do not need to change it, however if your Sun is in different
direction, change this value to your Sun location. 
Atmosphere Color (float4) - atmosphere color of a planet
Atmosphere Power (float) - related to atmosphere strength parameter, used to change the amount of atmosphere for
a planet
Atmosphere Strength (float) - related to atmosphere powerparameter, used to change the amount of atmosphere for
a planet
Base Reflect (float) - planet self reflection
BrightsideIllumination - use to change emission value for side of the planet that is facing the Sun

Few screenshots and video.


  1. Hi, your system is great. i bought this on assest store. i have 2 problem with this. first one venus and uranus do not rotate different way , although object rotation speed is -1. Also, I cannot zoom in on the mobile platform. I am using webgl output. I would be glad if you could help me.


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