Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Solar System version 3.0 update - [Released]

I decided to improve one of my top assets in Unity 3d store. Added new UI, planets info, atmosphere shader, 5 types of Sphere meshes (super low, low, medium, high poly, super high), realistic day/night transition for planet Earth. Info for planet is being read from txt file which can be very easily modified.

Current version of Solar System :

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Solar System Unity 3d Asset Used In Asteroid Challenge Game Exclusive For Nintendo Wii

Solar System project that is available has been used to create Nintendo Wii exclusive game - Asteroid Challenge -

I am really glad too see that my project have been used in successful commercial environment.

I am working currently on new release of Solar System that will include new shader that will give realistic atmosphere for planets, better UI, 5 different Meshes(Super Low(400 tris), Low (1000 tris), Medium(5000 tris), High(20000 tris) and Super High(120000 tris)) and mobile shader for Sun.