Thursday, 28 May 2015

Scary, Creepy, Mystery FX Sounds For Horror, Thriller, Mystery etc. Games & Movies - Available on Unity 3d store

Created horror, scary game/movie and looking for some creepy fx sounds or seamless ambient royalty free tracks?
This package contains 20 seamless ambient scary tracks and 58 FX sounds that will add some scariness to your project.

Available on Unity 3d store : Scary, Creepy FX Sounds for the price of coffee!

Scary FX and Ambient sounds

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Multi texture pack optimized for Game Engines. Available now on Unity 3d store.

Available now on Unity 3d store : Multi Texture Pack

Launched website - single materials can be aquired (some free and premium content)

Finishing work on multi texture package for Unity 3d asset store and Unreal market place.
Each material consist of 4 textures (diffuse, normal, height and ambient occlusion). 
Textures that are tillable are perfectly seamless. 
First launch will consist of 60 materials - 240 textures! 
Future update is already planned. 

Actual screenshot from planes in Unity Engine 5 with default light settings.

Enironment -> Trees, Grass Frozen, Sand
Floor ->Asphalt, Carpet, Concrete, Gravel & Rock, Medieval, Metal, Stone, Wood
Walls -> Bones, Brick, Concrete, Rock, Temples
Misc - Containers

New material added available at :