Multi texture pack optimized for Game Engines. Available now on Unity 3d store.

Available now on Unity 3d store : Multi Texture Pack

Launched website - single materials can be aquired (some free and premium content)

Finishing work on multi texture package for Unity 3d asset store and Unreal market place.
Each material consist of 4 textures (diffuse, normal, height and ambient occlusion). 
Textures that are tillable are perfectly seamless. 
First launch will consist of 60 materials - 240 textures! 
Future update is already planned. 

Actual screenshot from planes in Unity Engine 5 with default light settings.

Enironment -> Trees, Grass Frozen, Sand
Floor ->Asphalt, Carpet, Concrete, Gravel & Rock, Medieval, Metal, Stone, Wood
Walls -> Bones, Brick, Concrete, Rock, Temples
Misc - Containers

New material added available at :