Sunday, 23 February 2014

Setting up Unity3d webplayer on ASP.NET hosting

So I have some issues when I tried to upload web player version of one of my projects to ASP.NET server - arvixe.
After I uploaded webplayer version (html file and unity3d file) I was able to see unity 3d webplayer but nothing was loading. The solution is to add mime type(in my case I was able to do it via cpanel, if you do not have an access it is good to ask admin to do it for you).

The MIME type for Unity webplayer is:
    1. application/vnd.unity
And the file extension for unity webplayer files is:
    1. .unity3d

That fixed the issue for me and I was able to load my project on web.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Project Solar System in Unity 3d - update #1

I have been working recently on project Solar System. The idea is to allow user to view every planet in our solar system, zoom in out, rotate find the distance between planets, difference in mass etc.
I found maps from all the planets and unwrap it on sphere so it represents exact surface of each planet, at least solid once. Jupiter which is gas planet have correct map as well, however Uranus and Neptun won't have detailed map as they are vague. First screenshot - please ignore logic around how the planets are placed, it is just first showcase. In next release I will make sure good ratio is provided.
Any feedback, comments and suggestions are really appreciated.

Available now on Unity 3d store : UNITY 3D