Creating Virtual Machine (VM) on azure

In this quick guide we are going to create Virtual Machine in azure, then we are going to use remote desktop connection (RDP) using port 3389 and enable Internet Information Service (IIS)

  • After logging to create new resource. 
  • From popular menu select Windows Server 2016 Datacenter
  • Choose your subscription
  • Create new resource group, for simplicity of following this tutorial call it "amazing_vm_machine"
  • For virtual name choose "vm1"
  • For region Central US
  • For administrator account choose your credentials - this password is good for instance - %)'"C(%<P/KDe9\d
  • For inbound port rules choose RDP

  • Click next and choose disk. If you are planning to use this VM choose cheapest disk to save some money. 

  • Next click on Networking and leave all default values

  • Next click on management and set Enable auto-shutdown to off value. 

  • Next click on advanced and do not change anything

  • Next click on tag section. If you created tags in your azure you can add them here but it is out of the scope of this guide.

  • Finally click on Review+create tab

  • Click Create and wait few minutes before all resources will be available for you.

In my case I will be paying 0.0544GBP/hr for this VM. You can calculate price with this Microsoft service -

  • Few minutes later you will get notification that you VM is deployed.

From the above notification you can go directly to your resource group to view all resource associated with your virtual machine, such as storage disks, network interface etc. You have probably saw previously that while creating new VM virtual network will be automatically created for you as well.

Congratulations, you sucesfully deployed virtual machine in azure.
In next guide we are going to connect to new vm via RDP.


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