Piano Room PBR - Unity 3d asset

PBR Piano Room package was released to Unity3d store.

Piano is the main of focus of this package. It is divided into few submeshes:
Piano Bottom Body : 702 tris
Keys : 2724 tris in total (separate keys - 7 octaves) 51 white keys, 36 black
Piano Note Reader : 154 tris
Piano Top : 872 tris
Piano Interior Details : 312 tris
Piano Wheels and Details : 4860 tris
Piano Name : 252 tris

Each submesh material contains 4 textures(albedo, normal, ambient oclusion, metallic).
Normal maps are baked from very high poly(over 600k tris).

Room interior scene included:
Wall Lamp
Wall Details
Wooden Floor

Additional features:
Set time of a day dynamically
Set glowing background for exterior

Future planned release : 

- Map all keys to Midi output
- Play songs from tab notes
- Enable VR

Get the package here.