Cool loading screen for Unity 3d

Currently I am working on loading screen for Unity 3d that can be easily implement as asynchronous scene between for instance level loading.

User can very easily switch between styles.


Normal - Spinning wheel and custom subtitles
Vignette - above plus Vignette
Old School - Same as Normal plus added Noise so it looks like an old TV
Vignette & old school

Tweak able elements:

Motion Blur - on/off
Sepia Tone - on/off
Spinning Wheel Size - float
Custom Background - Texture
Change subtitles speed - float
Vignette Intensity - float

Subtitles setup

Subtitles can be easily added to external txt file

Few screenshots

Large Spinning wheel

Unity 3d loading screen - Normal Style
Normal style 
Unity 3d loading screen - Old School Style
Old School (looks much better in motion)

Unity 3d loading screen - Sepia Tone on
Sepia tone 
Unity 3d loading screen - High Vignette Intensity
High Vignette Intensity

Unity 3d loading screen - Vignette

Unity 3d loading screen - Custom background
Custom background