Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Space Rush - Unity 3d Mobile game project. First look.

I have been working on space run game for mobiles recently. My main inspiration were very successful games - Temple Run and Minion Rush. I decided to try to make a game that I would enjoy playing myself and I am very difficult one to please;)
I have few ideas on how the game should look and lots of concepts regarding gameplay. There will be even elements from Dead Space game - zero G area.
Picture below shows some level that will be randomly generated to improve performance and make gameplay more interesting and always give player different challenges by placing randomly obstacles. My goal is to create a levels that will very rarely repeat.
Thinks I have done till today:

1. Full control over the player. All scripts responsible to move player have been written(swipe right,left, jump, slide), also works with mouse for PC.
2. Lots of assets have been created in blender, different floors, areas, corridors, lamps etc.
3. Simple geometry with baked normal maps that gives and idea of very complex geometry on a one single plane.