Gran Turismo 6 Gt academy 2013, update on projects and tutorials to follow

Thank you all for sharing some of my entries regarding C# and ASP.NET MVC developing. I know how important is nowadays an access to knowledge, tutorials and open source for some busy developers.
I am working currently outside of work on project that involves google maps so I will be releasing tutorial on how to mark an location on map after typing your address and how to translate address to longitude and latitude and save those info in data base. I will also release tutorial on how to make paypal IPN to call your function in your application and store some data in database.

At the moment I am quite busy (work, some projects after work and playing Gran Turismo 6 Demo with GT Academy 2013). Currently I am on 3310th position in UK with time 23:800, I know nothing to celebrate but by judging how many players there are...

Check Alex, one of the contestant of Gt Academy edition. Amazing driving skills in real world!