Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST - It Has To Be This Way -Extended Guitar Cover Adam Bielecki

So as some of you might already know I am a huge fan of Metal Gear Solid series:
My tribute to MGS series:

and when I saw first tech demo on E3 for Metal Gear Solid:Rising (that was the original name for the game back then) I was shocked with the ability to cut everything and every cut was calculated in a real time. Finally I got myself Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance and I have to honestly say it did not look as good as demo and story did not pull me in like in the all MGS series. After playing 30-40 minutes smile on my face suddenly appeared and I realize that this might be a new amazing genre and new path for Konami(Kojima still is going to make Metal Gear Solid series). I finished game 2 times already on Normal and Hard level and I have to honestly say that the game was challenging, due to lack of skills, but once I finished the game and I knew almost every combo, playing second time was even better and Raiden was undefeated even on hard level. Unfortunately developers did not really care about stealth, but there are few places you can sneak, however it's no near as fun as Solid Snake or Big Boss. To be honest why would you even want to sneak when you know that you can slice Gecko in 5 seconds and drink a tea while destroying Metal Gear!

I decided to pay my tribute to this game by playing my favorite song "It has to be this way"

You can get tabs for guitar pro here :