Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2013 in Unity 3d vs Unreal Development Kit vs Blender

I have been working for the last few days on improving Lara Croft model that I downloaded from .
Model was in obj format so it was easy to import it to Blender however I lost armature and got some issues with materials and model is in triangle topology that I had to convert to quad(If you are familiar with blender in Edit mode (Ctrl+T, Alt + J).
After fixing all issues I exported this model to Fbx format and I must say that Unity3d was much faster dealing with fbx than UDK, however in Unity I had to spend more time creating materials, because textures were not imported by default. UDK built all materials for me but it took some time.

I must say that Unity(current 4.1) has been improved since the last time I used it after I moved to UDK.
I will still be using Unity as I have few projects in mind and a bits on paper:P for Android.

Lara Croft in Blender 

Lara Croft in Unity 3d

Lara Croft in UDK


  1. Could you upload your fbx work somewhere please? How did you merged the textures in Blender with the converted mesh?

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  3. Lara has sweated, while imported to Unity 3D


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